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Quantity Item Amount
  Answer sheet(s) and scoring (questions are printed on answer sheet and all forms are computer scored by Price Systems, Inc. in Lawrence, KS.).


Grades 3&4
Grades 5 & Above
PEPS Adults    
  Quantity Form(s) Quantity Form(s) Quantity Form(s)    
  1 1 1 @ 4.00
  3 3 3 @ 9.00
  10 10 10 @ 22.50
  30 30 30 @ 45.00
  60 60 60 @ 75.00
  120 120 120 @ 147.00
  500 500 500 @ 509.00

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: When administering the LSI or PEPS, please make sure the following instructions are followed.

Use only a number 2 pencil. No other writing implement can be read by the scanning device. Also, the scanning device cannot process copied or folded answer forms. Make sure the bubbles are completely filled in.


If you would like your profile(s) faxed to you please add $1.00 to the cost of processing each individual profile.

Narrative individualized interpreted report, add $2.00 to each individual scoring price. This option generates a 5 to 7 page individualized report for each individual (need to specify for which individuals you would like the individual report).
  Group and subscale summary (cost is per group). If there are 49 or fewer individuals in a group the cost is 5.00 per group summary. If there are 50 or more individuals in a group the cost is 7.50 per group summary. The group summary is available only in addition to individual profiles.  
  @ 5.00 @ 7.50


Computerized Self Administered Windows Program with 100 admin. $395.00

  LSIWIN-R (Grades 3-12) PEPSWIN-R (Adults)
100 Additional Administrations for PEPSWIN-R or LSIWIN-R @ $60.00
ScanWin. Allows you to scan, print profiles, group summaries and narrative reports from the LSI and PEPS special answer forms if you have an NCS Pearson OpScan 2,3,4/4u,5/6,7/8,9010M/9020M or a Scantron 8000, 8200, 8400 or a SCANMARK 2550 Scanner with a dual readhead. @ $495.00 (Indicate which scanner)


Answer Forms to work with ScanWin $ .60 each.

  Specify No. for Grades 3-4 5-12 PEPS
ScanWin; LSIWIN-R; PEPSWIN-R yearly license fee $49.95
LSIWIN-MLR, Grades 3-12, Windows program with 100 administrations that allows you to generate profiles, group summaries and narrative reports in English, French, Spanish and Swedish. @ $495.00
PEPSWIN-MLR, Adults, Windows program with 100 administrations that allows you to generate profiles, group summaries and narrative reports in English, French, Spanish and Swedish. @ $495.00
Individual Interpretative Booklet 8 pp. $ .60 each
LSI Research Report @ $ 3.25 each
Teaching and Counseling Gifted and Talented Adolescents, by R. Milgram, R. Dunn and G.E. Price, 1993, 285 pp. $ 65.00
Teaching With Love & Logic: Taking Control of the Classroom, by J. Fay & D. Funk, 1995, 399 pp., paperback, @ $17.95
LSI Manual (Grades 3 - 12) @ $ 16.00 each
PEPS Manual (Adults) @ $ 14.00 each

Specimen set (includes Manual, Answer Sheet for each level, Interpretive Booklet, and the LSI Specimen set also has a Research Report).
LSI @ $ 20.00 each PEPS @ $ 18.00

A $30.00 charge will be added for special handling such as overnight processing, etc.

Please pay in U.S. Funds. Use postal money order or check on U.S. Bank.

UPS shipping charges will be added based on actual shipping cost.

Order from:    Price Systems,Inc.
   763 N 1750 Road
   Lawrence, KS 66049-9016
   Phones: 785 843-7892
   1 800-LSI-4441
   FAX 785 843-0101

   For overnight processing ship to:
   763 N 1750 Road
   Lawrence, KS 66049-9016

Terms are net thirty days. Orders are normally filled within twenty-four hours of receipt but allow ten days to two weeks for normal delivery. Orders are normally shipped UPS and airmail to Canada. Please allow two weeks for scoring. Orders must be prepaid or accompanied by an official purchase order. Include the following with your order.

Credit Card # Card Type
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Date Phone No.
Purchase order
Fax No.
Billing address Shipping address
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